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Summers End

I should really update this journal more regularly...

A lot has happened in the couple of weeks since my last entry, lovers spat between my brother and his girlfriend, travel issues and dog troubles (most of which I'll probably forget whether I want to or not)...

...but that's all in the past now, time to look forward to the future : )

As many of you also know school starts next week DX

I'm pretty much all ready for the new semester and I can't wait till I see my friends again. I wonder what my schedule will be like?

Anyways, to celebrate (or mourn) the end of an unusually long summer I have decided to do nothing and enjoy my final days of bliss by lying in the bed of tranquility and watching my 1000 year old tv while cuddling my beloved Waffles, the holy plush piggie.

Now the waiting game begins.
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Grepan fancomic

I seriously have to much time on my hands these days...not that I mind :D

I'm so glad I finally managed to get off my lazy butt and get some practice in. So here it is my current obsession--

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Too busy


So far school has been keeping me pretty busy. I like my teachers and all but I can't help but feel as if I bit of more that I can chew. I joined JROTC, all my core classes are PRE-AP and I'm leaning how to use a cello in orchestra...
Maybe I should have thought this through a bit more but it's too late now. I'm a pretty good multi-tasker, and if I get through the hard stuff now I can slack off my Senior year a bit.

It looks like I may only be able to post things on weekends since I keep falling asleep >_> I'll start working on some pictures that I supposed to submit within the next couple of weeks.

On an unrelated note: I missed Neji and Tenten in all their spadex-y glory yesterday TT_TT Dammit I want my cable back!!



Yes, it's that dreaded time of the year again...

I'm starting High School tomorrow *sigh* I don't feel as scared/excited/annoyed as I usually do, I can't explain it. I am slightly nervous nonetheless, the school's pretty big and most of my friends transferred to better schools (say 89% of them)

Well I'm going to keep this short I should be getting ready...wish me luck

Back Again =_=

Hello! I'm back from my "vacation", It feels good to be home : )

I didn't do much at the ranch, in fact I didn't even leave my room much unless my mom/grandma asked me too. I spend most of the first day in a car but we made it around the afternoon, I think.

I went to Matehuala to get my teeth cleaned for the first time in years...I never want to go to a dentist again, anesthesia BURNS!!!...but I got a neat elephant eraser so I guess it wasn't so bad D8

As usual I attended the annual Virgin Mary festivals they hold at my dad's place. It was a lot a fun (it was more crowded this year though)  I was a few feet away from exploding fireworks and I'm sure I got some hearing and eye damage (It was very bright it almost looked like it was daytime not only that but I almost go burned twice).

Overall it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...I still don't want to back though >.>
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I need to start making an effort an posting things here, so I'm gonna this account a bit more.

My name is...well I'd rather not say, so just call me T.k. : )

Personal Life:

Ipods are the best aren't they? I just got mine to work today its so cool! I've decided to call it Haji (Yes, I name my things).

On an unrelated note I am going to Mexico this Friday. Joy. But no worries I am going to take army of gadgets to keep me sane for the whole trip (that is if the car ride doesn't kill me first) :D

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